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We’ll start the day in the truly Greek way by making ‘frappe’, (iced coffee) or Greek coffee, with every one making their own, to get into the spirit of the morning.

Once we’ve all got to know each other, we will begin by making a Greek style pita bread, everyone can have a go at this- a truly hands on experience. This will be closely followed by 2 starters, all of which are standard Greek dishes that people often struggle to recreate at home. We tell you all the ingredients you need, where to get them and show you how it’s done.

In the same way we will be making 2 main dishes, one will be vegetarian and one a typically Greek dish with Zakynthian flavours. We'll end the cookery with a masterclass in the ultimate Greek street food, the ‘Gyros Pita’, where you get to make your own pita.

Then finally we finish the day with a wine tasting hosted by a local expert, and present you all with a copy of the recipies we have made, hoping that you'll leave feeling inspired to try them all out at home.

«Thank you for wanting to share your day with us, we are sure you will enjoy yourselves and feel confident to try all these recipes at home.»

Alex Soulis


What's Included


At the end of this experience you will be able to sample all of the dishes that we have made during the morning, including the 'gyros pitta'.


Soft drinks included throughout the morning, plus wine tasting interval by local producer.

Local Products

We introduce you to a selection of local products, tasting them, explaining their benefits and telling you where you can find them on the Island.

FAQ / Location

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The participation to the class costs 55€ / person which also includes everything mentioned at the "Extras" section above.

Yes, we do provide discounts and special prices depending the number of people (usually more than 6) or children under 18 years old. Please contact us to let you know what is the offer in your case.

There is a minimum of 5 people and we try to keep the maximum to 14.

Everybody has a go at something during the morning, we try to make the classes as interactive as possible and keep the group size relatively small. If there’s something you particularly want to try, please tell us at the start of the lesson.

There are several vegetarian dishes included in the class and where possible we try to give vegetarian alternatives to the meat dishes. Please advise us at the time of booking If you have a particular special diet or any food allergies please contact us before booking to discuss suitability.

The price of the lesson does not include pick up from your accommodation. However if you need help with arranging transport from or to your hotel we will be only too happy to help.

Alex will be your host, he is passionate about good food and promoting an understanding of the Island not just as a holiday resort but as a place he is proud to live. George, our resident Athenian chef will be demonstrating fail proof, stress free, Greek recipies. Marianna, who has been with us for the last 28 years will demonstrate at least one dish during the morning, she’s a true inspiration, making any dish look likes child play. Finally, Mandy will be on hand to help with any querries regarding the recipies, suggesting ways you might like to adapt the recipes in your home country and generally looking after your needs.

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