On a cold winter day when you’re feeling just a little bit adrift or not quite yourself this soup is the ultimate antidote. It’s a thick, silky, creamy bowl of steaming, pungent goodness that will instantly lift you, making everything right in the world again- all that from one simple plate of food !

Traditionally in Zakynthos egg and lemon soup (or avgolemono as it’s called in Greek) is served on celebration days, and almost every day over Christmas – they don’t need much of an excuse. Every family has their particular way of making it and if you make it well, then you’ll definitely pass the Greek house wife ‘bench mark’ test. The thing is, it has great potential for going horribly wrong as any thing using eggs at high temperatures can. Fortunately though there are endless old wives tales of how to make the perfect version. One involves blowing 3 kisses to the pan as you stir in the beaten eggs, another insists that only one person should ever touch the cooking pan, and so it goes on. To be honest if you just take your time, following the steps one by one it should be fine ….?

So what is this amazing Soup ? Basically it’s chicken soup with rice, (every culture seems to have an equivalent version) to which is added beaten eggs and lemon- it sounds pretty disgusting really doesn’t it ? And it’s not to everyone’s taste as my younger brother Chris will readily vouch for, but if you like it then it’s truly a pleasure to eat. I’m including the recipe of course and a few guidelines that should ensure you end up with a beautiful plate of food- don’t worry …. I ‘m not like the wicked step mother that leaves of the vital ingredient…. All the information’s there… good luck.

Check out the full recipe here.

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